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It's Okay to Suck

I just give myself permission to suck…I find it hugely liberating. -John Green

I needed to see this quote today. I woke up feeling anxious. I wanted to throw the covers over my head and not come out until the world decided to be a better place. But, eventually, I got up, threw on dirty clothes (it’s that kind of week), made coffee, and walked out the door to go to work wanting to leave before I ever arrived.

Some days are harder than others. For those of us with mental health struggles, some days are hard before it ever gets started. So today, I’m allowing myself to suck. I went to work, I did my job, but I did not do more than was required of me. I had things I wanted to do today. I wanted to have dinner with a friend, I wanted to work on some of my career goals, I wanted to do laundry, and clean my kitchen. However, all of those things will be available tomorrow. Instead, I am going to spend my evening enjoying some of my favorite self-care. I’m going to focus on me and what I need to feel better. This is okay to do. You can prioritize yourself.

Self-care is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our emotional, mental, and physical health, but it is often the first to be sent to the bottom of our to-do lists. Physical exercise, getting an adequate amount of sleep, eating well, and finding quiet time to reflect and meditate are all things we should take part in on a daily basis. Some days there are so many stressors in our life and we are so busy that this seems impossible. However, we need to set daily goals to help self-care become a habit. Making self-care a daily habit can be challenging (I know it has been for me!), but just do your best.

Here are some things I enjoy doing for self-care:

  • Going for a run or walk with my dogs

  • Taking a drive and listening to music

  • Reading a book

  • Journaling

  • Trying a new recipe

  • Going camping or having a campfire in the backyard

  • Taking a bath

  • Watching a movie

Have other self-care ideas? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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